franz ferdinand bonanza

Scott, from Stereogum, has just uploaded two of the most playful tracks I’ve heard in a long time: Franz Ferdinand covering both Gwen Stefani’s “What you waiting for?” and Air’s “Sexy Boy”. Hurry up and download it asap, will you?

Their rendition of “What you waiting for?” [off Jo Whiley’s Live Lounge on Radio 1] is particularly fabulous. It kicks off with a pretty damn nice guitar work and exceedingly camp vocals; a playful pub singalong. Alex Kapranos just nails it much in the same fashion he nailed it on “Do you want to?”. Sure, it’s a very humorous track, but I really like the way they’re definitely laughing at Gwen’s song: they’re laughing with it, in a brainless pop fun bonanza.

I can’t help laughing my head off when Alex does the “take a chance you stupid ho” bit. And the “look at your watch now, you’re still a super hot female“. Franz Ferdinand always sound like they’re on the brink of being too clever for their own good, but they always get it right (ie: Do you want to). Gwen’s original version was already fantastic, though.

As for “Sexy Boy”, well, it trails an entirely different path. As Scott said, it’s definitely not as dreamy as Air’s original version [subliminal message: buy “Moon Safari”. Now. Go. You know you want it] Still, it’s very enjoyable, mostly because it’s such a bold, daft step for Franz Ferdinand to record a cover of this particular song that I can’t help but to sympathize with it. Nice whooshing guitars, by the way. Overall, it differs from the bulk of the band’s back catalogue and – why not? – seems to push their boundaries a little further, which can only be a Good Thing.


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