new order

I still haven’t gotten around to compiling a proper best of ’05 list, but I’ve been devouring just about every list other fellow mp3 bloggers are publishing. The albums and tracks picked are refreshingly varied, even though National‘ “Alligator” & Sufjan Stevens‘ “Illinoise” have become all-around favourites among the community; however I couldn’t help to notice that New Order‘s “Waiting for the Siren’s Call” has been conspicuously absent from most end-of-year polls. Alas, scrap that: it’s even worse, they are nowhere to be seen (and I’ve checked over 30 lists so far). Now, that’s appalling and puzzling.

Waiting for the siren’s call” was New Order‘s triumphant return to form. Whereas “Get Ready” tried to hard to sound like the Primal Scream-meet-Oasis, this album sees them cherishing the gorgeous melodies and dancefloor-friendly beats they’re best known for without ever losing that ragged rock edge. It feels more organic than the overproduced sounds of “Get Ready” too: that record sounded like a band who was trying real hard to be New Order. “Waiting for the siren’s call“, on the other hand, sounds like they know they’re bloody New Order and they’re very comfortable with that. It’s more relaxed and spontaneous and personal. Bernard Sumner’s voice has such a lovely and charming frailty that goes perfectly with the jangly guitars, the moody synths and Peter Hook’s trademark bass.

Strong tunes, the occasionally goofy lyrics (“You had the brightest future / Writing songs on your computer”), organic synth lines: a classic New Order album, you could say, and definitely their best since the unparallaled greatness of 1989’s “Technique“.

So, today’s download is the standout track of this album, the utterly brilliant “Turn“. Pay special attention to the guitar riff during the intro and the heartfelt lyrics (and Bernard’s deeply moving vocals). One of my favourite songs of 2005; this is everything a pop record should sound like.


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