the magic numbers

Now, is there a more dislikeable band than the Magic Numbers? Really, is there? How could they be any good with their derivative, campfire-friendly dad-rock? It’s 2005 already: do we really need another power pop band with that whole array of 60’s influences (the Beatles, the Mamas & the Papas, so on)? Does it get any more twee than this? Why do mature adults still write lyrics that sound like they were done by 15 yr olds who are just finding out about the whole boy-girl thang? Don’t they realize the twee pop niché is already way too crowded? Who on Earth does actually like this sort of thing?

Erm. I do, I s’pose. The Magic Numbers are definitely a recipe for disaster, except, well, much to my chagrin, they’re quite good. Y’see, the paragraph above is 100% accurate from start to finish, yet there’s something that keeps taking me back to their self-titled debut. And I’m already way past the ‘guilty pleasure’ line: there’s no denying that I actually pretty much love the damn thing.

It’s gorgeous. Romeo’s and Michelle’s voices are so delicate and touching and go together just perfectly. I honestly cannot praise enough the way those two sound. They could belch out the most cringesome lyrics and sound like Shakespeare. And, as opposed to, say, post-“If you’re feeling sinisterBelle & Sebastian, the Magic Numbers actually come across as being incredibly unpretentious. Even on their greatest moments, their some underlying modesty that I can’t help but appreciate. And there’s also chiming guitars (which occasionally become crunchy guitars). And elegant bass lines. And twelve tracks of pure ear-candy. And tremendous tracks such as “Love me like you”, “Forever Lost” and “Mornings eleven” [yup, that’s a download link].


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